Undergraduate studies

Our world-renowned experts teach into the innovative Bachelor of Agriculture, the comprehensive Bachelor of Science and the unique, one-year Diploma in General Studies program.

Bachelor of Agriculture

With a focus on science and sustainability, explore how we can adapt to our changing climate and declining environmental quality to improve food security and global health. Graduates with degrees in agriculture are highly sought after in Australia, with an employment rate of over 91 per cent.

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Bachelor of Agriculture course guide

The Bachelor of Agriculture course guide will tell you everything you need to get started, from accepting your offer and planning your course to moving to Melbourne or seeking help.

Bachelor of Agriculture course guide

Bachelor of Science

With over 40 majors to choose from, the Bachelor of Science is one of the broadest undergraduate degrees around – and we teach many of them, from Agriculture and Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences to Food Science and Human Nutrition. Our subjects can also be taken as an elective to complement a major in another area, or as Breadth.

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Just starting in the Bachelor of Science?

Learn how to choose and enrol in subjects and access resources to help you plan your course all the way from first year and beyond.

Getting started in the Bachelor of Science

Diploma in General Studies (DiGS)

Whether you’re finishing high school and want to explore your options, or you’re already in the workforce and looking to advance your career, this unique one-year program is designed to build skills for further study and provide practical learning opportunities in a supportive environment.

The Diploma in General Studies (Extended) is a pathway into further study for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who may not meet the regular Diploma's entry requirements.

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Resources for current DiGS and DiGS (Extended) students

Find everything you need to get the most out of this unique program here.

Diploma in General Studies Diploma in General Studies (Extended)